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Our Employees are our most valuable assets, and we rely on them to Excel in every aspect of our business. For that SMEET is continuously seeking to recruit and retain talented employees. To this avail, the SMEET’s HR function has been exerting every effort to create meaningful and clearly defined jobs, establish competitive and effective compensation scheme, and provide opportunities for training and career development. Striving towards performance excellence is at the core focus of SMEET, and hence the Human Resources department has been actively working towards reflecting Excellence on its strategic direction, and the essence of its processes.

Continuous benchmarking, and deployment of effective performance management systems, as well as designing and implementing effective Results-Oriented Career development systems has been at the heart of the Human Resources Function at SMEET. The creation of a positive and supportive work Environment is a SMEET's promise for it's employees. To this avail SMEET's Human Resources function has committed itself to promote team building based on common goals, and encouraging positive competition and the rewarding of excellence.”

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