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The principles reflected within the Human Resource policy are based on SMEET’s vision, mission & values. They will serve as guide for SMEET in all aspects of its HR practices.

Human Resources Commitments
To reinforce its values and achieve its vision, SMEET shall follow the following proposed commitments:

SMEET follows recruitment and selection practices designed to provide the company with the highest quality of employees who share its values, and are reflective of the company’s strategic goals.

Job Design and Structure
SMEET provides meaningful jobs and an organizational structure that allows employees to be effective because they understand the relationship between their specific duties & responsibilities & how they relate to the broader objectives & goals of SMEET.

SMEET provides enhanced career opportunities for employees who:

  • are committed to their own career development,
  • demonstrate continuous skills improvement, and
  • are able and desire to assume new and greater responsibilities.

SMEET provides competitive salary and benefit plans that support the company in its goal to attract and retain the best talent. Compensation reflects internal equity & individual performance.

Performance Management
SMEET measures employee performance based on quality of work, ongoing improvement and customer service. Performance management will be based on realistic expectations and will provide meaningful written feedback regarding job objectives. SMEET will provide development opportunities for career enhancement that recognize and reward the achievements of individuals and work groups.

Training and Development
SMEET provides training programs and continuing education opportunities necessary for employees to help them perform their role and responsibilities effectively, build upon their competencies in the changing work environment and develop & enhance their careers within the company.

Policies & Procedures
Policies & procedures will be fair, equitable, open, and comprehensive, easy to understand, and consistently administered. Policies will include guidelines for performance, roles & responsibilities that provide clear direction with regard to institutional leadership & accountability expectations.

SMEET and all employees will provide a humane workplace that is safe, healthy, respectful & supportive.

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